Our expertise

At Aviquali, quality is at the core of our concerns.

The transparency of our working methods as well as the relevance and authenticity of the online opinions of our testers are a real guarantee of confidence for our customers.

Independence and transparency of processes

  • Transparency in recruiting testers : Our testers are chosen with complete objectivity according to the selection criteria preliminary selection critea of the companies.

  • Transparency of the selection criteria : None of our testers is privileged, the acceptance of his application depends only on the adequacy between his profile and the needs of the companies.

  • Financial independence of testers : No compensation is granted to advice depositories.

Recognized editorial competence

  • Precision of targeting: We choose our testers who are the most expert in the fields considered in order to obtain quality, useful and well-constructed reviews. Non-argued reviews are therefore destined to disappear.

  • Editorial Quality Management: During the application phase, all testers are assessed on their writing skills, a decisive factor in their recruitment.

Absolute freedom of argument

  • Consumer experience guarantee: The reviews collected from testers necessarily correspond to proven consumer experiences and to identified authors.


  • Objectivity of reviews: Our testers transcribe their impressions of the product tested in a transparent and objective manner. All opinions, both positive and negative, are published, the objective being to guide future potential consumers in their choices.


  • Ethical and responsible moderation: Our teams collect and moderate reviews without making any changes, and comply with control procedures. Illegal and inappropriate content may be deleted. The consumer is informed in case of rejection of its review.

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